Demian Yumei

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5 tracks
Songs for muti-media project
Miyasan - Song of the Child
SomethingMore - Song of the Heart
Rhythm of the World - Shepherd Boy
Dancing - Star Weaver
For the Sake of Love - Miyasan's Daughter
Five Songs associated with the story, "River of Heaven", written by Demian Yumei. Two of the songs, "Dancing" and "For the Sake of Love", come from Demian's DreamSinger CD, "For the Sake of Love".
"Rhythm of the World" was first written and recorded by Lucid Dreamers (Chris Davis and Stacey Young with background female vocals arranged and sung by Demian Yumei); lyric later rewritten by Demian Yumei and re-recorded by Stacey Young for this project, "River of Heaven".

"Miyasan" is the song of the child. It's based on a moment in my mother's life before leaving China for Japan.
"Something More" is the song of the heart, a reference to humanity's longing in the story.
"Rhythm of the World" is the song of the Shepherd Boy, the earthly male protagonist.
"Dancing" is the song of the Star Weaver, the celestial female protagonist.
"For the Sake of Love" is the song of Miyasan's daughter, a song that arose from my own healing journey.

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