Octave is more private jet, less rented van.

Uploading in EasyMode.

Adding your tracks to Octave is a thing of beauty. Drag-and-drop or browse to your AIFF or WAV, and watch the magic. The Octave Encoder creates the embedded track while it uploads. No waiting in a queue, no paying for timeliness that you should just expect. Progress meters show you what the Encoder is doing, while it does it. As soon as the upload is finished, you're ready to go.

Sharing Made Simple.

The track settings panel has everything you need to share your music with a bandmate who is an Octave member, or a record label, media contact or client via emailed private link. You can set emailed links to time out, so your hard work doesn't get spread far and wide. Octave is a complete toolkit for sharing your music in all the right places, and every member has access to all the features.

Take the Stage.

When you're ready, make your track public, and embed it in all your favorite social networks. Each track gets its own page, and your Octave Artist page contains all your public tracks. Cards for all the major social media networks ensure your music gets to your fans. Embedded players ensure your music lives on your website, Facebook page, blog, or where you want it.

Let The Music Play.

Octave has a full album feature, if you need it. You can collect any public tracks into an album, and they'll live together in the timeline on your artist page, or in an embedded player. Albums have, naturally, their own artwork and description, and you can share an album with the same ease and speed as you share a track.

You've Got the Look.

Either go with our default look, or customize your artist page to reflect your visual taste. Octave provides a full suite of tools to style your artist and track pages.

Stats, Stacks on Stacks.

Octave's statistics show you just what you need to know. Did your track blow up? You'll know where, when, and why. In the 21st century when a Korean pop song has been played 2 billion times and music can wind up being popular anywhere, it's important to know your audience, and Octave shows you just who that is.

Media, Not Social.

Timeline comment spam. Pay-for-likes. Unsolicited messages. Fake users. Team Followback. These things get in between you and your work. So we don’t have them. You don't have to compete with DJ mixes, promoted songs, or other people's music auto-playing on your page, and your fans and clients will never be harassed by advertising, or tempted to leave your page. Octave is not a social network, and it doesn't pretend to be. We leave social to the big companies, and concentrate on what we know: media.

Never Miss A Beat.

Octave links to your Dropbox and/or Google Drive accounts to back up all your files, as you upload them. Never lose a track, ever. If it's here, it's there, end of story.