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Take Octave for a test drive with our two-week trial.

Take a couple weeks to look around and get a feel for how Octave works, and how it will be right for your audio hosting needs. Upload some tracks, make an album, try out the easy embedding and sharing. We're certain you'll be amazed at the simple workflow and professional features. At the end of your two-week trial, simply continue to use Octave and your credit card or Paypal account will be charged. Otherwise, cancel your account, and no harm, no foul.

Octave for Artists

Unlimited uploads and storage of your tracks.

Unlimited albums.

Unlimited shares.

Unlimited plays.

$20 per month or $200 per year.

Octave for Labels

All of these features for every artist on your roster.

Customized statistics for A&R efforts.

Pricing based upon usage.

And more - contact us for info.

Every Octave account comes with all of these features and more.

Unlimited uploading and storage.

There are no limits on your Octave account. Upload five tracks or five hundred. It's all the same to us. You can confidently work with your writing partners and host audio for your fans or customers without worrying about hitting any stop signs in the middle of a project.

Unlimited plays.

If you suddenly find yourself with a viral hit, you don't have to wonder if we'll be there for you. There is no throttle on usage, and when you accidentally a million new fans, you can be confident they'll all get the same high-quality playback.

Unlimited stats.

Every Octave account receives the full suite of statistics. You'll know when and where your tracks are played, and who's playing them, so you can book a show or target your marketing drones. Everything we know, you see, either as an artist or a label.

Safe and secure.

The Octave technology stack is best-of-breed for secure, redundant storage of data, and with direct connections to your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts, you can be confident your audio will be where you need it, when you need it.

Full control.

Your Octave page is about you and your creativity. With an Octave account, the only music on your page is music you put there. No spam, no advertising, no auto-playing, no pay-for-placement. Your music. Your look.

Try it. You'll like it.

Take Octave out for a test drive for two weeks, and see what a professional media hosting service that cares about you and your music can do. There's no risk. At the end of your two-week trial, we're confident that you will have discovered a valuable and useful tool, and we look forward to being your partner!