For musicians, by musicians.

You want your music online right now.

We don't make you wait in line for "processing." We don't shake you down for extra subscription fees to speed up the queue. Octave is an audio hosting service that is created by music industry professionals, not "social media gurus." We understand that time is money, and that clients and fans have short attention spans. Our processing and encoding happens while you upload. Like it should. The second your upload is done, your track is ready to play, embed, and share.

You want to privately share your music.

Want to privately share a link to a song? No problem. Want to send a rough mix to a fellow Octave user? Easily done. Want to mail a song to a media contact, with a timed expiration? You can do that. Octave is by professionals, for professionals. We know what you need, because we need it too. We have built a full suite of sharing tools to ensure your tracks go to who they need to, while giving you complete control.

You don't want another social network.

Octave is about embedding and sharing your tracks with fans and clients, having a clean, professional presence, and getting your work done. It isn't about message spam, timeline comments, pay-for-likes, and chatting. There already are social networks. We're about ensuring that your music looks and sounds good embedded in those social networks, not competing with them.

You want your page to be about you.

Your Octave artist page is about you, not us, and not other artists. Make it look how you want. We understand that music has a visual aspect, and that look plays a part in your presence. Octave provides a full toolbox to design your artist page so it reflects your vision. One other thing: we will never embed or auto-play another artist's music on your page.

You want stats. Lots of stats.

The play counter: it is everything in this business. But what if you sent a track to a label or client? You want to know if they listened to it, don't you? Every Octave user gets to drink from the statistics firehose. You'll know who listened and where they listened from, and you won't have to pay extra to see whether your track is doing better in Azerbaijan or Iowa. Play statistics are the most basic tool of music promotion, and we understand that. Details matter, and we don't make you pay more to get them.

You want speed and security.

Octave was designed from the ground up to be fast, and that speed is something you'll notice from the start. This isn't some cobbled-together mishmash of hand-me-down gear. The Octave technology stack is some of the fastest, most secure, high-performance technology on the web. Once you sign up and get into your console, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can manage your music.

There's so much more.

You own the music you put on Octave.

The speed of the Octave console is unmatched.

192k MP3 encoded tracks for unmatched audio quality.

Octave is easy to use, and incredibly flexible to fit with how you create music.

Responsive design ensures a smooth experience on all your devices.

The word "processing..." is nowhere to be found here.