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General Questions

If you have a question about Octave or its services that doesn't fit in to any of the other categories on this page, write:

Technical Support

If you have any questions about the encoder or the functionality of Octave hosting, or are experiencing any difficulty logging in or creating an account, the address to write is:

Billing Questions

If you have a question about billing or existing accounts, drop a line to:

Prospective Artist Clients

If you would like to talk to us about the artist account or the artist public page/embeds, or have any queries about what you can upload and how you can use your uploads, hit us up at:

Prospective Label Clients

If you'd like us to create a custom account that serves the needs of your label or business, or would like to discuss other potential partnerships, the address to write is:

Copyright Issues

If you have a complaint about music being stored or shared on Octave that shouldn't be, or a DMCA issue, and you'd like the track removed, the address to write is: