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Octave is the place for artists and labels to host and share tracks.

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Octave is an audio hosting service for professionals, with the tools you need to store, embed, play, and share your sound. Just upload your files, and they’re ready to play. Everywhere. Instantly.

From embedding songs in your social media services and on your website to sharing private tracks with labels and collaborators, Octave is everything you want, without the nonsense. No advertising. No ridiculous timeline comments. No private message spam. Just audio, when you need it, where you need it.

Welcome to the future.

With redundant cloud-based storage that hooks in to your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts, your files are safe as a very safe thing can be. And our encoding technology, you won't believe it. No waiting for "processing", and no faceless algorithms to flag your own tracks as copyright violations. Just crisp, clear, 192k MP3 files ready to go. The lightning-quick Octave encoding process happens while you upload, and your files are ready to play, share, and download as soon as they're in our system. The only speed limit is your connection.

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The fastest encoder in the business.

Just upload your track in WAV, AIFF, or MP3, and by the time the upload is done, it's ready to play (and download in the original format and MP3, if you want), anywhere and everywhere. No more sitting around while your track is "processing." We do that while it uploads, because we understand how time-sensitive the music business is. We'll never make you wait.

No false-positive copyright detections.

Octave doesn't have automated content control; we base our business relationship on trust. You trust us to provide a clean, reliable, robust platform for housing your audio files, and we trust you to not upload content you don't own. Octave is not the place for cover songs, DJ mixes, mash-ups, and other peoples' music. Octave is yours, for your creations.

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It's time to level up your audio hosting.

Give Octave a no-risk try for a couple weeks, and share your music when, where, and with whom you want.

Octave is your music, your way.